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Have no Legal Entity but are Looking for a Simple, Legal and Tax Compliant Solution to Hiring in Germany?

We can help you arrange payroll and all other legal requirements quickly in order to ensure that you are fully compliant with German laws and your employee gets paid legally and on time!

Convert your international payroll headache into one simple monthly invoice and let us take care of everything else.

We provide a full payroll service for inernational businesses wanting to hire in Germany...and in many other countries.

Are you looking for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Germany? An Employer of Record in Germany? For payroll services?

You want to

  • Hire an employee in Germany or another country BUT
  • Don’t want to figure out local labor laws
  • Don’t want to register a branch office
  • Don’t want to register a subsidiary but
  • Do want to be fully compliant with local laws in the country in which your employee lives

International Payroll Services offers Employer of Record services, whereby we put your employee on our locally compliant payroll in the country where the employee lives, and assign the employee to work full-time and exclusively for you.

This transforms your international payroll into a simple monthly invoice.  Our Platform makes it easy to hire employees overseas with minimal time and expense – and most importantly, ensures that you stay legal and compliant.

What we do:

  • We hire your employee through a company that is already legally registered in the country you need the employee
  • We process expense reports
  • We take care of tax issues
  • We set up the employee’s local benefits

This lets you rest assured, that your employee is legal, pays the tax and social insurances that are necessary and is compliant with the local laws. For your employee it means being able to concentrate on the task assigned to him rather than worrying about administrative issues.

As an alternative, due to some special laws in Germany and some other European countries which are not known to many, you can also hire an employee directly. Again, we handle all of this and you simply pay one monthly invoice.

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We can help you with

Payroll Services in Germany, we help your company with payroll services in Germany


Employment contracts for companies in Germany

Employment contracts

Expense reports for companies in Germany

Expense reports

Legal issues, advice on legal issues for your company in Germany

Legal issues

Firing an employee within your company in Germany

Firing an employee

Setting up a new company or business in Germany

Setting up a company

Get a Visa for Germany

Get a Visa for Germany

Umbrella Company for Freelancers

Umbrella Company for Freelancers

How much will an employee in Germany cost me?

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I want to hire someone in Germany but I don’t have a legal entity?

We can help you with that problem. This is the same as setting up a Representative Office or, if you will, a “virtual company”.

I want to hire someone in Germany but don’t want him/her on my payroll

What you need in this case is an "Employer of Record" or PEO (Professional Employment Organization). 

I am worried about risks associated with hiring someone in Germany

The main worry many foreign employers have regarding hiring in Germany is what happens if you have to fire the employee.

I want to hire a freelancer / contractor in Germany

An easy way of avoiding all questions about payroll might seem to be to hire the candidate as a freelancer or contractor.

I want to set up a legal entity in Germany

If you want to set up a legal entity in Germany, the usual choice is a GmbH (Limited Liability Company).

Visa by Company Formation

A highly interesting point in Germany for many is that if you set up a GmbH, you, as the managing director, can get a visa and stay permit in Germany. 

Umbrella Company for Freelancers in Germany

If you come from the UK or from another country and you wish to work in Germany on a temporary assignment you will need some sort of legal framework in which you can work.