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We can handle the complete payroll for you. The following circumstances might be yours:

You have a legal entity and have employees

In this case we can handle the payroll for you. We do the complete payroll, make sure that all social insurances are paid, make sure that taxes are paid and finally that the correct net income is paid to the employee. We can handle commission payments, bonuses and other variations of the payroll.

You have no legal entity but want to hire someone in Germany

In this case we will help you get everything set up so that you can hire the employee directly, if this is possible. In most cases it is possible without you having to set up a full legal entity. See the article explaining how here.

You don’t want to have the person on your payroll

In that case we can act as employer of record, hire the person through a local legal entity and place the candidate with you. Since a local entity hires the person, he or she is not on your payroll.

Talk to us about hiring a freelancer in Germany

We can guide you through the necessary steps to employing people in Germany and offer help and guidance along the way

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