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Get a Visa for Germany by setting up a Company


A highly interesting point for many is that if you set up a GmbH in Germany, you, as the managing director, can get a visa and stay permit in Germany. Obviously the company needs to become active and actually do something but this is a relatively quick and easy way to gain entry into Germany. For this you would need to set up a GmbH (a limited liability company).

Germany being Germany, it will require quite a bit of paperwork and it takes quite a while to get a GmbH registered and ready to start trading if you try to do it yourself without knowing how to do it. It can easily take 2-3 months.

The alternative is buying an “off the shelf” company, namely a company that is already formed and which only needs to be registered in your name.

Please note that Germany requires a minimum capital of € 25,000 for a GmbH. This money is not, however “lost”. This money is the paid-up capital of the company which should also be on a company bank account (make sure you save the deposit slip and the account balance so that you can prove that you paid in the capital). Once this capital is paid in, the money can be used for salary, buying machines, cars or whatever else.

Please note that as in other countries, a GmbH has to keep books, must fill out tax returns, put together a yearly balance sheet and profit and loss statement etc. There are therefore running costs involved with the GmbH.

We can help you set up a GmbH quickly and without much hassle. We can further provide bookkeeping services, take care of your tax returns etc. (all of this through partners who have the appropriate licenses).

Please note: we are not a visa agency and can't help you with other visas outside of company formation.